Sunday, April 8, 2007

A fresh look for the jewelry cases.

I finally found the time to tackle the jewelry cases. We just got in a great selection of Satya jewelry. Come in and experience the unique and beautiful nature of their yoga inspired pieces.

I continued with our spring sewing theme and framed old fabric in embroidery hoops. It's a great way to display fabric that you can't part with. I also used some of Grandma's old sewing spools.


corine said...

I love your blog! I'm happy that you have found some good uses for Grandma's sewing stuff. Love, Mom

Charbo! said...

Oh my god!! Love, Love, LOVE the green cube earrings. Do you have any left, how much are they, and how soon can you get them to New Zealand? PS: REALLY like the spool idea, wish I had thought of it! What about also using roving, maybe knitting up just a part of it? That might look cool in the corners.