Friday, January 24, 2014

Harsh winter blues

This winter has been rugged!  Who wants to strip down to try clothes on when you can't leave the house with less than three layers on! The only thing that can lift our spirits is new merchandise.  We got in Maison Scotch this week and we are obsessed with the La Parisienne aquarium jeans.  

Here's to warmer days because it's sad that 12 degrees feels "mild".  

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Uh oh

I just came across this article - The 10 things that only fashion people love.  We currently have 4 out of the 10 things in the shop.  That doesn't sound so bad but we don't carry shoes (2 of the items) or eye glasses.  

This one really got me - what is wrong with leather sweatpants? I type that, I can imagine them being styled completely wrong.  We currently have a perforated black faux leather in from BLQ.MKT that I am coveting.  

What could be simpler than a jumpsuit?!  Not ideal party wear...but throw one on with some jewels and you are ready for work.  We currently have a variety of jumpsuits in- a jersey piece from BB Dakota, denim from Free People and a rayon overall just came in the other day.   

The last one that really got me was neoprene.  Whatev.  It's easy to care for, fun to wear and can hold a great shape! We currently have a great collection in from Clover Canyon.  To die for.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Meet mine.  When my friend Kirstin pointed this image out to me, I had to take a double take.  Was that really me?  Wait - I don't own any of that clothing and I had to cancel my trip to NYC...but for a hot second...I almost thought it was.  

Update to this post - I got to meet Garance Dore at the NYNOW show.  I told her about this picture (she had never seen it).  I felt like an idiot telling her how I thought we looked alike but I couldn't stop babbling...or shaking...