Saturday, January 28, 2012


This is trade show season and I'm on my second trip of the year to NYC.  This trip is for the gift show - one of my favorite shows.  It's the most like "real" shopping because it has everything there - jewels, stationary, design, lighting, furniture...  They also really take it the next level in their displays.  I mean you have to to, the gift show is the entire Javitis Center and a section of the piers!  You really have to shine to catch a buyers eye.  

After nearly killing my feet at the Intermezzo show, I decided to take it easy/casual at this one.  There is a lot of walking ahead of me. I packed simple, easy outfits and shoes that are feet friendly.  I also have my flat boots as a back-up.  
I also hope to get some personal shopping in.  I just got this jacket from French Connection and I need some pieces to go with it.  I'm off to the show!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

On trend

So it appears that I'm either ahead of the game or one step behind - depending on how you look at things.  The above announcement is from Kate Spade and no doubt has been planning the year of pattern way before I announced my pattern mixing goal.  I will be strong and push ahead.  I have to admit that I have so far been unsuccessful in my attempts.  I had serious intentions of mixing patterns for my recent buying trip to NYC.  But the shoe/hurting feet situation combined with the fact that every single woman at the shows seemed to decide to bust out her animal print, I opted for some old standbys.  

My latest love is neon!  Again, I may be one step behind but it will be new to Burlington.  

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy 2012!

Here's to a great New Year and I am so thankful for the one that just past. I had a great time wearing something that sparkled for the entire month of December.  I had no idea that I owned that much bling!  It also forced me to be more creative in my dressing which created some great outfits.  I might have to try another themed month. 
I think I might try mixing patterns for the next themed dressing.  What do you think?  

We have a great year planned at Sweet Lady Jane.  We hope to spend it with you and help you obtain your fashion goals!