Thursday, June 14, 2007

Outfit of the week...

High waisted jeans are going to be a strong look for fall and you can get a jump on the trend at Sweet Lady Jane! We have Dittos in- the original 70's jean. They're super soft and the saddleback stitiching is really flattering on your backside. We're selling them for $152 and have them in the dark wash and a really light sunkissed denim.

The top is from French Connection and retails at $88. It's made of a really light weight cotton that has a cool burnout medallion pattern. The cardinal necklace is from ach ach liebling and is $38.

1 comment:

summer said...

hooray! goodbye unwanted "thong sightings" and the dreaded "muffin top"! oh how i miss my american denim and my slj.

rachel you look smashing! and what lovely bunch of faces you have in your team.

miss you,