Sunday, March 23, 2008

Kathy's birthday

An entry from my friend and guest blogger- Sareet:

Leah and Rachel planned the most fabulous birthday surprise for Kathy (yes, she only looks 30 the b#%*h!). It started with a surprise fashion make-over at Sweet Lady Jane. Rachel had Champagne and great outfits packed into the dressing room when Kathy arrived. I contributed shoes to the dressing room and brought my big ass camera. We even caught passer's by whispering things like "is that that girl, from that show?" Kathy was a trooper, we expected at least a bit of kicking & screaming but none. She looked great in everything she tried on. Once we had a shopping bag full for her to take to NYC, it was off down the road to Tilley's Cafe for a great evening of drinks and fantastic food. The low lighting made it hard for me to paparazzi to my best ability, but here's what I came up with. What a fun night...
- sareet

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