Wednesday, June 18, 2008


My best friend Caitlin is the biggest Red Sox fan in the world! Their World Championship trophies from 2004 and 2007 are on The Church Marketplace tonight.

I only wanted to see all know how I feel about Champ. Wally and Champ look like they could be distant cousins and they seem to share the same fashion sense. Couldn't someone iron Wally's pants?!

As Caitlin would say "Go SOX!"


Kitty McPretty said...

This summer I'm gonna get Rachel to a sox game, eat a Fenway frank, and go on a Duck Tour... maybe she'll even find out that Wally does it with his sox on! From Beatown with Love! Go Sox!

Kitty McPretty said...

Seriously, Champ is like the crappy Twinky cousin that grew up with one parent in Vero Beach, FL when Wally was hard at work studying for the LSATs and working nights at the library to make ends meet. "Distant Cousins" doesn't quite cover it... and if Wally's pants are wrinkled, it's cos he got some, y'know what I mean, R Kelly? Yup. Yup.