Thursday, January 28, 2010

An insider's perspective

The ONE fashion show was held last weekend at Higher Ground. There were multiple stores from the Burlington area walking in it and also some independent fashion designers. In preparation for the show, the four models and I went to Sweet Lady Jane to try on our outfits. The outfits were by Free People, BB Dakota and French Connection. On the night of the show, we arrived early to get our hair and make-up done which looked amazing. I had a very rock n' roll look going with a big hair bump, lots of hairspray, and amazing dark purple shadow around my eyes. Before the show there was a lot of nervousness and excitement but overall it was a pretty laid back and fun fashion show. I had a great time and I think the adorable kids from the Boys and Girls club also had a wonderful time. The kids put together and designed their own outfits and walked them on the runway. Very creative kids. It was a great night and very successful.


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