Thursday, August 12, 2010


Favorite brand sold at SLJ: Tulle or French Connection, I can't decide!
Favorite outside brand: Built by Wendy
Favorite place to shop besides SLJ: vintage and thrift shops
Three items you can't live without: camera, coffee, journal
Must have travel item: camera
Favorite place to eat: at home when my husband cooks
Current favorite song: The Smitten remix of Sapphire
If you could be reborn as a celebrity who would you be? Audrey Hepburn
Current favorite piece of clothing: my denim sailor jeans
Current favorite piece of jewelry: my wedding ring
Do you have a nickname? littlest
What can you always find in your closet? lots of coats
Favorite trend of all time: skinny jeans and high waisted skirts
Least favorite trend of all time: big shoulder pads or parachute pants the mood for sushi
Never...can have too much sleep

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