Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Sweet Lady Jane!

This is Mary, one of our biggest Sweet Lady Jane fans.  She is someone that truly loves fashion, appreciates fabulous fabrics and likes to explore her creativity through her appearance.  Mary is someone that I think of when people ask - "where would I wear this?"  You just do.  In this photo, she paired a Quicksilver dress with a Corey Lynn Calter vest and obi belt.  She even took the time to explain to a group of customers the many ways in which she can style the vest - as a scarf, use the collar as a hood, as a wrap dress...

Mary also makes a point of stopping in to wish us a happy birthday every year and always brings us a treat! xoxoxo

Happy ninth birthday, Sweet Lady Jane! 

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Taylor Downs said...

Happy Birthday!

The sale was great and a lot of fun the couple times I stopped in throughout the day. :)

Looking forward to next year and more summer arrivals!