Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Ace

The Ace Hotel                                

I'm in New York, attending the spring trade shows; FAME, Accessory the Show (yes- it is really called that) and Intermezzo.  I had a great day today, which means that I found lots of good stuff.  My favorite finds were some knuckle rings and the Pietro Alessandro bags.  

We're staying at The Ace Hotel and it's a design dream.  I love the quirky little sayings that they have posted all over the hotel.  Some examples:  by the elevator "love lifts us up were we belong", on the wood hangers "you look good in that" and behind the towel rack "if you want a fresh towel, leave it in the tub, if there is no tub, leave it on the floor, if there is no floor, leave."

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